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Efia Leatham is an Amazon #1 Best Selling Author, Speaker and Victory Mindset Coach. She hosts the weekly broadcast #FRAMEYOURDAY with Efia and can be found streaming live, Thursdays at 1 PM EST on both Facebook and Instagram Live. The broadcast, an extension of her book, Frame Your Day for Victory in 60 Seconds, is helping individuals to reframe their thinking and mindset to one of consistent victory, to see the manifestation of achievable goals and desired outcomes.

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Frame Your Day for Victory in 60 Seconds is your source of encouragement, inspiration, and love to help set your way of thinking so you can walk in authority, power, and confidence knowing that God has already provided everything you need to win on your life’s journey.Buy Now
The Frame Your Day for Victory, Kids edition, is like a fun gym for kid’s minds to train and practice becoming super strong in using love, faith and saying what God says on how to win every day of the school year. Jump in and let’s have fun winning.Buy Now

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